What are Trading Pins ?

LED PinsIn team sports, before 2 competing teams fight against each other, a team pin trading ceremony is conducted. In the said ceremony, the 2 competing teams trade pins with each other before they start playing against each other to show their sportsmanship. Sometimes, even before a big tournament starts all of the teams get together and trade badges with each other.

Up until now, trading pins are still used in different team sports such as baseball, basketball, football, softball, soccer, golf, swimming, hockey and tennis. The average size for a team trading pin is anywhere from 1-1/2″ to 2-1/2″ but of course, the larger the pin the more expensive and heavier it will be. Examples of trading pins are the baseball pins. These pins are usually used to create a bond with the all of the baseball fans.

The main purpose of these baseball pins is to be traded with other baseball fans. Most of the team shops sell a wide selection of baseball pins for fans to collect and trade with each other.  One of the advantages of these pins is that it boosts camaraderie among the players of the team and it also encourages a lifelong love of the game.

One of the year’s largest, longest and most exciting baseball Worldsameshot Series tournaments is hosted by Cooperstown NY. There are a hundred of teams that are participating in this event and a lot of players trade pins with other players during this tournament, as well as their fans. The average size of pin for Cooperstown is 2.00″ or a little smaller like 1.75”.

It is also recommended to use soft enamel pins and photo screen pins. Another exciting event in baseball is the ESPN Little League World Series baseball World Series tournament wherein the Williamsport, PA plays as the host of the event. Just like the Cooperstown NY, the average size for this pin is 2.00” to 1.75” and the recommended procedure is the soft enamel and photo screen. Another baseball event is the Slump Buster tournament put on by Triple Crown Sports.  It is one of the largest youth baseball tournaments and is hosted by Omaha, Nebraska every year. The usual size of the pin is 1.75” and uses the process of soft enamel or photo screen.

LED PinsIn buying the baseball pins, it is recommended to use the photo screen process for complex logos, photos and designs that incorporate gradients. Another process is called the heavy photo screen wherein it is used if you have a complex & detailed design. The usual size of the trading pin for baseball is 1.75”. Since these trading pins are made to be traded, it is better to have add more designs since it would be traded more than the ordinary one. One of the examples of the additional design is the pin on pin. It is a decoration wherein a pin is placed on top of another pin so that it looks like 3-D design. Another decoration is called the dangler pin wherein an extension is added to the base of the pin so that it hangs from one or more small loops or chains. The third decoration is called the bobble pin wherein it uses a spring instead of a chain and turns the dangler pin upside-down.

Another decoration is the flocking which has a fuzzy area while the graundlenticular pin contains two or more images that changes whenever it is tilted back and forth. The LED pin is a badge which that flashes when activated. While the slider pin contains a movable piece which slides across the base of a pin and the spinner pin moves a piece of the pin 360 degrees.

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