The Components of Funeral Service in Knoxville

Whether you are planning for a loved one or for yourself, the funeral service is one of the most essential elements of an individual’s final arrangements. With its customized service, the funeral (Knoxville, TN) can reflect the distinctiveness of the life it honors.

Your or your loved one’s preferences on whether to be cremated or buried doesn’t really matter when it comes to the memorial or funeral service’s essential role. Simply put, it should-

•    Honor, celebrate and recognize the life of the deceased.
•    Enable family and friends to say their goodbyes.
•    Serve as a closure after the death of a loved one.
•    Enable friends to console the family of the loved one.

What is a funeral?

Generally, a funeral is a gathering of friends and family after the death of a loved one, giving them a chance to mourn, pay tribute to the life of the deceased, and support each other. A funeral (Knoxville, TN) usually consists of more than one component.

1.    Funeral Service

An informal or formal ritual or ceremony before burial, a funeral service most of the time provides a sense of closure to friends and family. Even though your culture or faith may dictate some elements of a funeral (Knoxville, TN) you may want to customize other elements of the service. During a funeral service, an urn or casket is present. You may want to have the casket closed or open.

2.    Wake, Viewing or Visitation

The visitation happens the night before or immediately prior to the funeral service, it is also known as viewing or a wake. It is a way for friends to offer condolences and pay respects to your family. When it comes to funeral services, you may choose whether to open or close the casket during the wake.

3.    Tribute or Memorial Service

During the tribute or memorial service, the urn or casket is not present. Otherwise, similar to a visitation or funeral, the tribute service gives friends and family a time to gather in memory of the deceased.

4.    Graveside Service

The graveside service is held at the gravesite before burying the casket or urn, and includes final messages, memories or prayers. The service may take place after or during a funeral service.

Helpful Ideas on How You Can Personalize Your Funeral

FuneralThere is no right or wrong way in planning a funeral service. Most providers of funeral (Knoxville, TN) services believe that each funeral plan should be as memorable and unique as the life it is honoring. If you are planning your own funeral in advance, here are some helpful ideas:

•    If you are a chef, and you want your friends and family members to remember you as one of the best chef, you can instruct your daughter or someone close to you to distribute copies of your recipes to those who will come to your funeral. By doing this, they will remember your culinary contributions, which can be handed for generations to come.

•    If you are a fisherman, aside from the traditional funeral service at home or in the chapel, you can include in your final arrangements an afternoon of fishing, sharing stories, and dining at your family’s house on the lake where you usually spent your weekends and summers.

•    If you are a regular volunteer at the women’s and children’s center in your neighborhood. You can instruct someone close to you that if you die, instead of giving flowers they can donate money to the shelter you are supporting.

Regardless of what type of service you choose in your funeral plan, you can customize it in the most imaginative way.

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