Patch by Patch – Unconventional Custom Embroidered Patches

People used to think that patches are merely for covering holes on clothes. Patches plays an important function even up to this day. However, its use evolved into many other things. One of the great things about patches is that people can use them to express themselves. They can use it to tell other people about their personalities and preferences. Now, it is a tool of communication which you can use to tell other people how you feel, what you like and what you don’t, what your dreams and aspirations are, and many more.


•    Backpack Badges :

More and more people are starting to recognize the joy of backpack traveling. Spontaneity most often result to fun and destination discoveries. To help you keep track of places that you visited, you can ask for custom embroidered patches of the different places that you visited. You can keep these patches in a single frame to display on a wall or a table top. You can also sew these patches on your backpack so you can share your travel adventures with others in a single glance.

•    It’s in the bag :

You can actually create a bag strap made of interesting patches.You can think of a theme and sew the patches together. That is definitely a nice change from your conventional bag straps. Be inspired when you go to school or your workplace with your personal touch on your bag.

•    Punks not Dead :

Whether it is for a dress-up event or simply just the way you would like to dress, you can get unconventional custom embroidered patches that you can sew on your jacket. Just choose the nest design for you and choose other ones so you can achieve the look that you are going for. Now, jackets are not just for comfort against the cold. You can use it to make a fashion statement too.

•    Choose Shoes :

Patches are not just for clothes and blankets. You can use patches on shoes too. For canvas shoes and the likes, you can have custom-made patches which show off your personal style and fashion sense. Protect your shoes in style with custom-made embroidered patches., here are some unconventional custom embroidered patches that you will surely love.

•    A World of Awards : 

Patches are not just for wearing, they are also for giving. Gone are the days when awards are limited in forms of trophies, medals, and certificates. Now, you can make it more stylish and pleasant. You can have custom designs on your embroidered patches so you can include the organization’s logo, the event, the date, and the award given. This makes the award extra special because everyone will know what the award is all about in just a glance. Let the patches tell the story. You can give the patch as a token of recognition as it is or sew it to something useable or to serve as a décor.

•    Love on Top :

Put some love on your placemats with custom embroidered patches or table covers. Choose elegant ones for mom, an intricate design for dad, a girly one for big sister, a cool one for big brother, and a cute one for the baby of the family. Turn plain, drab table covers into an eye-catching piece of statement at home or even in school or workplace.

•    Cover Crazy :

Use one or more patches as book or notebook cover. This will inspire you more to read or write. With a stylish book or notebook, it is a great expression of your personality and creativity.

These are just some ideas that you may want to try. Enjoy!

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