8 Ways to Recycle your Old Neck Lanyards

Neck lanyards are loops of string with a metal or plastic attachment at the end. They look like the typical necklaces. They can hold various small items such as key chains, flash drives, cellphones, whistle, to name a few.

Neck LanyardsNeck lanyards could last for decades, if properly taken cared of. Therefore, it would not be a surprise if you would have a collection of different lanyards from different organizations, clubs or people throughout the years. They could be more than you need. If the time comes that you think it is time to dispose some of them because you cannot find any other use for them, stop.

There are plenty of uses for your old neck lanyards. The list is actually long. Here are just eight of them.
1.Pet leash.

With a little twist here and there, your old lanyards could become your dog’s new leash. Simply sew together the fabric or woven lanyards that you have. At the end of the sewn lanyards, make a loop where you would place the attachment to connect to your dog’s collar. You could also recycle the old attachments from your old lanyards rather than buy new ones.

2.Camera straps.

From one neck lanyard, you could make 2 camera straps. Cut the lanyard into two. Sew the edges to avoid fraying. Fold the first cut lanyard into two. To join together the two ends, you could use a Velcro. If you intend to make it permanent, then just sew them together. Do the same with the other cut lanyard. Now, your camera is safer and there is less possibility of it to be dropped with these improvised camera straps.

3.Garden ties.

Do you know that those old lanyards can have many in your garden? Yes, for one, they make good ties. Straighten those stubborn, drooping branches by tying them to a stick using these sturdy lanyards. Not only that, you could also secure those sacks with some leftover soil by using the lanyards to tie them. Accidental spills and wastes would be eliminated because of that. Small and similar garden tools would not be misplaced if neatly tied together. An old lanyard could do the trick.

4.Handles for your homemade cloth bags.

Maybe you like to make your own cloth bags. You could turn these old lanyards into bags’ handles. They make great straps because they are strong and do not break easily. They are perfect for carrying heavy groceries.


Old lanyards can be recycled to look like new necklaces, bracelets, anklets and even funky earrings for the Halloween. Let your creative juices flow as you mix and match your lanyards to produce stylish accessories. You could even earn from them when you sell these unique accessories. Or, you could give them as gifts to your friends and family.


When you have two lanyards that look the same, you can accessorize your shoes by using your old lanyards as shoelaces. Just cut the lanyards’ metal or plastic attachments. Secure the ends from fraying by putting strips of tape.


They make great belts, too. To make a thicker belt, join 4-5 old lanyards together. Add a buckle at the end. For a more carefree look, use fabric lanyards and just them tie them to hold a skirt or pair of pants.


Why don’t you make these old neck lanyards as your official collection items and show them off to your friends and family? Place all your old lanyards into a glass shelf. You could place small information on where, when, and how you got hold of these lanyards to make it more interesting.

Neck Lanyards represent a fantastic value in the world of lanyards.

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