13 Qualities to Look for in Web Content Writers

When looking for content writers to create your web content, it is not enough to just focus on their portfolio or academic background because their former clientele may be entirely different from the industry you belong to and the type of website you are running. No single quality defines great web content writers. Hence, check out if the writers you want to hire have these qualities.

1. They understand how SEO works.

Your ultimate goal is to rank higher, attract more visitors, and gain higher click-through rate for bigger profit. You can only achieve those goals if the writers know a lot about search engine optimization.

2. They can switch back and forth from being technical and creative.

Some web contents need pure technicality to work, like press releases and B2B marketing materials. On the other hand, creativity is also highly needed for a lot content types, like blogs, product reviews, and sales and advertising copies. They should be flexible enough to use both when demanded.

3.  They have strong command of the English language, its dialects, and other international variations.

Content writersStandard American English (SAE) is what Americans use, but you need to demand different variations depending on the geographic location of your market. African-American English (AAE), considered an English dialect, may be more useful if you are targeting this demographic.

4. They can follow strict specific requirements.

Some content writers are only good at their comfort zones. They can’t write efficiently once you give them instructions that they are unfamiliar with. What you need are writers who can write based on your requirements, not their specialties.

5. They can commit to deadlines.

It’s nice to hire content writers who have a lot of clients because the trust they get shows how good they are. The question is, can they beat all of their deadlines? It’s useless to have excellent writers who can’t deliver.

6. They know how to identify the most usable keywords.

They should know how to write based on actual keywords used by searchers in real time. Similarly, they should know how to use keyword research tools and analytics.

7. They are knowledgeable on the subject.

Why hire writers who can do good research if you can hire writers who already know a lot about a particular subject? Prioritize those who already know things about your field.

8. They hold accountability to their outputs.

Some quality writers are just too egoistic to accept that their work is being rejected. Rejection may happen for reasons other than quality problems. When that happens, make sure that your writers know how to own up to it.

9. They are resourceful when researching.

They don’t simply rely on the information they find; they analyze them and crunch the data when necessary. They also know the most credible sources online.

10. They are excellent proofreaders.

Not all good writers are good proofreaders. It’s better if you can hire content writers who somehow have experience in editing as well.

11. They are natural storytellers and presenters.

You don’t always get the chance to interview your candidates, but whenever there is a chance, pay attention to how they present and sell themselves. Who doesn’t sound natural may not look natural in writing as well.

12. They can keep it simple.

Writers love to impress with big words, big ideas, and more complex structuring. The only difference is that the pros know when exactly to do this.

13. They are amenable to compromising their style of writing.

Writers have their own styles that they are most comfortable with and excel at. However, those who are confident with their abilities should also be able to compromise without worries.

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