Where to Gather Information about SEO

The term SEO is a common term that people talk about online. You may have already heard the term or the word or what it does but it takes a lot of work and time to have a real understanding of its true nature.

People have different reasons as to why they would like to learn about how search engine optimization works and what it does. If you are one of those people in search of understanding or knowledge about SEO, you can find what you are looking for in various sources.

Books and other Information Technology Literature

seoYou can find information about SEO in books. Some of the books that you will find might contain obsolete information about it so make sure that you look for its updated version.

SEO information change constantly and so you have to look for books that were recently published if you want to find out more about the latest updates. Books and written publications are a good source of basic information about SEO but not so much about the latest updates.

Online or Internet

The best source of information when it comes to SEO is the internet. Since SEO is strongly linked to the internet, it is therefore expected to find all the latest updates and information about SEO online.

The thing about getting the information online is that you must find reliable sites. Certain websites might give you inaccurate or incorrect information about SEO. Therefore, instead of you gaining an insight about it you might just end up more confused about the topic.

seo onlineLook for a website that is clear in its discussions. Make sure that it answers your questions and help you understand the process. Some websites educate readers by giving them a detailed or systematic process on how they can do their first SEO project.

If you are more of a visual learner, you may opt to look for a site that show visual aids like illustrations or videos on how SEO works. Your sources online are unlimited but you just have to find where to get your information from otherwise you might be following the wrong lessons.


seo-expertThe experts already have been in the industry for a considerable amount of time and have probably encountered almost every imaginable SEO related issue. They have proven themselves as the best in this industry, and it is for this reason that people depend on them to solve complex issues.

Many SEO experts are more than willing to share what they know to people who are willing to learn. You just have to look for them and when you find one, do not hesitate to ask for help.

SEO experts make themselves available online and some even have their own websites. You can browse through their page and read what they have to say about SEO. You may even have a personal consultation with them. You can ask them whatever you need to know about SEO.

SEO Experts are not just sought after by start-up businesses or business owners. Aspiring SEO consultants may also chase after SEO experts for advise, guidance and additional information. Even existing SEO consultants could be in need of SEO experts if they encounter new and complicated SEO related issues.


There is no better way to learn than to learn from experience. If you want to be an expert about something, you have to get your hands on it. No one becomes an expert in SEO without any first-hand experience on the actual work.

The act of doing the actual work is best way to teach yourself of the things that you need to know. The knowledge acquired through your own experience will learn forever remain with you.

It is also best to practice what you have read because the only way to tell if something really works is once you have applied it. Everything that you have read is useless if you cannot put it into practice.

The experts, such as those from nyseoexplode, already have been in the industry for a considerable amount of time and have probably encountered almost every imaginable SEO related issue.

The Components of Funeral Service in Knoxville

Whether you are planning for a loved one or for yourself, the funeral service is one of the most essential elements of an individual’s final arrangements. With its customized service, the funeral (Knoxville, TN) can reflect the distinctiveness of the life it honors.

Your or your loved one’s preferences on whether to be cremated or buried doesn’t really matter when it comes to the memorial or funeral service’s essential role. Simply put, it should-

•    Honor, celebrate and recognize the life of the deceased.
•    Enable family and friends to say their goodbyes.
•    Serve as a closure after the death of a loved one.
•    Enable friends to console the family of the loved one.

What is a funeral?

Generally, a funeral is a gathering of friends and family after the death of a loved one, giving them a chance to mourn, pay tribute to the life of the deceased, and support each other. A funeral (Knoxville, TN) usually consists of more than one component.

1.    Funeral Service

An informal or formal ritual or ceremony before burial, a funeral service most of the time provides a sense of closure to friends and family. Even though your culture or faith may dictate some elements of a funeral (Knoxville, TN) you may want to customize other elements of the service. During a funeral service, an urn or casket is present. You may want to have the casket closed or open.

2.    Wake, Viewing or Visitation

The visitation happens the night before or immediately prior to the funeral service, it is also known as viewing or a wake. It is a way for friends to offer condolences and pay respects to your family. When it comes to funeral services, you may choose whether to open or close the casket during the wake.

3.    Tribute or Memorial Service

During the tribute or memorial service, the urn or casket is not present. Otherwise, similar to a visitation or funeral, the tribute service gives friends and family a time to gather in memory of the deceased.

4.    Graveside Service

The graveside service is held at the gravesite before burying the casket or urn, and includes final messages, memories or prayers. The service may take place after or during a funeral service.

Helpful Ideas on How You Can Personalize Your Funeral

FuneralThere is no right or wrong way in planning a funeral service. Most providers of funeral (Knoxville, TN) services believe that each funeral plan should be as memorable and unique as the life it is honoring. If you are planning your own funeral in advance, here are some helpful ideas:

•    If you are a chef, and you want your friends and family members to remember you as one of the best chef, you can instruct your daughter or someone close to you to distribute copies of your recipes to those who will come to your funeral. By doing this, they will remember your culinary contributions, which can be handed for generations to come.

•    If you are a fisherman, aside from the traditional funeral service at home or in the chapel, you can include in your final arrangements an afternoon of fishing, sharing stories, and dining at your family’s house on the lake where you usually spent your weekends and summers.

•    If you are a regular volunteer at the women’s and children’s center in your neighborhood. You can instruct someone close to you that if you die, instead of giving flowers they can donate money to the shelter you are supporting.

Regardless of what type of service you choose in your funeral plan, you can customize it in the most imaginative way.

Patch by Patch – Unconventional Custom Embroidered Patches

People used to think that patches are merely for covering holes on clothes. Patches plays an important function even up to this day. However, its use evolved into many other things. One of the great things about patches is that people can use them to express themselves. They can use it to tell other people about their personalities and preferences. Now, it is a tool of communication which you can use to tell other people how you feel, what you like and what you don’t, what your dreams and aspirations are, and many more.


•    Backpack Badges :

More and more people are starting to recognize the joy of backpack traveling. Spontaneity most often result to fun and destination discoveries. To help you keep track of places that you visited, you can ask for custom embroidered patches of the different places that you visited. You can keep these patches in a single frame to display on a wall or a table top. You can also sew these patches on your backpack so you can share your travel adventures with others in a single glance.

•    It’s in the bag :

You can actually create a bag strap made of interesting patches.You can think of a theme and sew the patches together. That is definitely a nice change from your conventional bag straps. Be inspired when you go to school or your workplace with your personal touch on your bag.

•    Punks not Dead :

Whether it is for a dress-up event or simply just the way you would like to dress, you can get unconventional custom embroidered patches that you can sew on your jacket. Just choose the nest design for you and choose other ones so you can achieve the look that you are going for. Now, jackets are not just for comfort against the cold. You can use it to make a fashion statement too.

•    Choose Shoes :

Patches are not just for clothes and blankets. You can use patches on shoes too. For canvas shoes and the likes, you can have custom-made patches which show off your personal style and fashion sense. Protect your shoes in style with custom-made embroidered patches. www.patches4less.com, here are some unconventional custom embroidered patches that you will surely love.

•    A World of Awards : 

Patches are not just for wearing, they are also for giving. Gone are the days when awards are limited in forms of trophies, medals, and certificates. Now, you can make it more stylish and pleasant. You can have custom designs on your embroidered patches so you can include the organization’s logo, the event, the date, and the award given. This makes the award extra special because everyone will know what the award is all about in just a glance. Let the patches tell the story. You can give the patch as a token of recognition as it is or sew it to something useable or to serve as a décor.

•    Love on Top :

Put some love on your placemats with custom embroidered patches or table covers. Choose elegant ones for mom, an intricate design for dad, a girly one for big sister, a cool one for big brother, and a cute one for the baby of the family. Turn plain, drab table covers into an eye-catching piece of statement at home or even in school or workplace.

•    Cover Crazy :

Use one or more patches as book or notebook cover. This will inspire you more to read or write. With a stylish book or notebook, it is a great expression of your personality and creativity.

These are just some ideas that you may want to try. Enjoy!

Traditional Custom Military Coins in Modern Times: The Challenge Reinvented

Traditionally, custom military coins have become known as challenge coins. Initially, this is to challenge any military member so that he can identify himself as a member of a military service unit, and to prove his claim of being part of an important and successful military mission.Most of these custom military coins or challenge coins are usually presented to new members when they join the organization. They are also often used as reward tokens to improve morale and as commemorative items for special occasions. Customarily, the members are supposed to carry their unit’s coin and the challenge is a common way to ensure this. Through the years, the challenge has evolved into other forms.

Coin challenges are not used for combat anymore, but for camaraderie. The challenge has been reinvented and is usually done in bars, where a military man can challenge his group if they have brought their own coin. A challenger will slap the coin on top of the table, and all other members of the group should slap their own custom military coins on the table. Those who do not carry their coin should pay for one round of drinks, while those who do, will pay nothing.

If and when everyone can show his coin, the one who raised the challenge should pay for one round of drinks. While this has been a practice and a tradition since the Vietnam War, it is merely a fun challenge for most military personnel. But now, it can be done by members of the same organization, even if they are not part of the military, just as long as they have their own version of the custom military coins.custom military coinsStill, sometimes, the coins are measured by value and the challenger can actually make a rule as to who has the coin of the highest value. At present, the presidential coin or the POTUS (President of the United States) can trump all other coins.

There are usually no formal challenge rules and they can vary from one organization to another. What is common, however, is that these rules only apply to those members that have been formally given custom military coins by the unit.

But to make it easier to understand, there are common challenge rules that are universal to all coin challenges.

1.  The rules of the coin game must be given or explained to all new coin holders.

2. The coin must be carried at all times because one can be challenged for it anywhere at any time. One must produce the coin without taking more than 4 steps to produce it.

3.  A challenger should always state whether it is for a single drink or a round of drinks. Failure to produce a coin results in a bought round or single drink.

4.  Once one person has been challenged and has already bought drinks, he cannot be challenged anymore by any other member of the group.

5.  No one is allowed to hand a coin to another person in response to a challenge. If a person gives their coin to another, the recipient can now keep the coin for good.

6.  On the other hand, if the coin is lost, replacement is up to the original owner. A new coin should be acquired at the earliest opportunity because it does not relieve a member of the responsibility of producing a coin when challenged.

7.  Any member of the organization can be challenged at any time, even if they are not wearing the official uniform.

8.  Coins should not be pierced with a hole as to carry them as a pendant. Coins which bore a hole are considered null and void.

Knowing the rules is as important as owning one. And with the knowledge of the challenge, one cannot be exempt from the challenge anymore.

The coin has become a symbol, not only of membership in an organization and a proof of being part of an achievement; it has also become a symbol of camaraderie. Thus, owning a coin is always a source of pride. Giving a coin to just anyone is opening a fraternity to just anyone. It is an honor to be given a coin and has a more personal value than a purchased one.

Author Bio:
www.challengecoins4less.com is your best bet. We have the experience, the talent and the commitment to make your custom military coins the finest you can get anywhere.Our service is impeccable, our prices unbeatable.We offer a range of options to make your custom military coins unique.

The Many Faces of Commercial Leases in Great Neck Real Estate

When it comes to real estate leases, there are three big types that you can choose from. If you are one of those ambitious businessmen who want to start and nurture a business empire in the real estate world, then you first have to consider the importance of location. You will also have to get a responsible landlord who can take charge of things and has years of experience to offer in order to jump start with your real estate business.

Above everything else, you should have prior knowledge about the many faces of commercial leases in Great Neck real estate. The city is considered the Promised Land in the business, so you may want to get some inspiration from it. You should realize that having prior knowledge regarding the various types of leases gives you an edge when selling houses and properties. Go ahead and identify what are those.

First of all, there is what you call the gross lease. In Great Neck real estate, this is considered as the most common and popular type of lease in the field of commercial leases. This is similar to renting space or a home. By employing a landlord, you can rest easy knowing that someone takes charge of running your business, and if you opt to employ a property management professional, then it will be easier to pay for the property taxes and the insurance as well.

Real EstateThis is the most ideal type of lease for starters because it’s affordable and very easy to manage. But there are other clauses that you need to consider when opting for this type of lease. Ever heard of escalation clauses? This will help protect the owner of the property for rent in case of inflation. You can either decrease or increase the rent of the property to jive with the inflation.

Then there’s the triple net lease. In Great Neck real estate, this type of lease works best if you have a bigger business. You can utilize this type of lease if you rent out your property to clients who consume a lot of electricity during their stay, and if they have to make changes or improvements to the building in order to suit their needs.

This type of lease is ideal for those who rent out space for business establishments, or multiple-unit buildings used as apartments. Of course for this type of lease charges a lower rent because you can definitely help the tenant to fix whatever goes awry in the building. Even if this is the case, the deal is always fair for both parties, so make sure to always assess the capability of your tenant to pay for this type of rent.

Great Neck real estate also offers the modified net type of lease. Every commercial real estate property has different styles, size, and features that can suit a client’s most discriminating taste. The modified net lease is a combination of the two previous types of leases. What’s more is that the modified lease is more flexible too.

You can still assign your landlord to manage the property and at the same time, your tenant can help out with other things like minor repairs that are not covered by the rent. Perish the thought that real estate ventures are very intimidating and difficult to undertake. You can do very well when you heed the advice of property experts. Have fun running your business!

For great neck real estate, li realestatefinder can be a popular choice where you get various options.

8 Ways to Recycle your Old Neck Lanyards

Neck lanyards are loops of string with a metal or plastic attachment at the end. They look like the typical necklaces. They can hold various small items such as key chains, flash drives, cellphones, whistle, to name a few.

Neck LanyardsNeck lanyards could last for decades, if properly taken cared of. Therefore, it would not be a surprise if you would have a collection of different lanyards from different organizations, clubs or people throughout the years. They could be more than you need. If the time comes that you think it is time to dispose some of them because you cannot find any other use for them, stop.

There are plenty of uses for your old neck lanyards. The list is actually long. Here are just eight of them.
1.Pet leash.

With a little twist here and there, your old lanyards could become your dog’s new leash. Simply sew together the fabric or woven lanyards that you have. At the end of the sewn lanyards, make a loop where you would place the attachment to connect to your dog’s collar. You could also recycle the old attachments from your old lanyards rather than buy new ones.

2.Camera straps.

From one neck lanyard, you could make 2 camera straps. Cut the lanyard into two. Sew the edges to avoid fraying. Fold the first cut lanyard into two. To join together the two ends, you could use a Velcro. If you intend to make it permanent, then just sew them together. Do the same with the other cut lanyard. Now, your camera is safer and there is less possibility of it to be dropped with these improvised camera straps.

3.Garden ties.

Do you know that those old lanyards can have many in your garden? Yes, for one, they make good ties. Straighten those stubborn, drooping branches by tying them to a stick using these sturdy lanyards. Not only that, you could also secure those sacks with some leftover soil by using the lanyards to tie them. Accidental spills and wastes would be eliminated because of that. Small and similar garden tools would not be misplaced if neatly tied together. An old lanyard could do the trick.

4.Handles for your homemade cloth bags.

Maybe you like to make your own cloth bags. You could turn these old lanyards into bags’ handles. They make great straps because they are strong and do not break easily. They are perfect for carrying heavy groceries.


Old lanyards can be recycled to look like new necklaces, bracelets, anklets and even funky earrings for the Halloween. Let your creative juices flow as you mix and match your lanyards to produce stylish accessories. You could even earn from them when you sell these unique accessories. Or, you could give them as gifts to your friends and family.


When you have two lanyards that look the same, you can accessorize your shoes by using your old lanyards as shoelaces. Just cut the lanyards’ metal or plastic attachments. Secure the ends from fraying by putting strips of tape.


They make great belts, too. To make a thicker belt, join 4-5 old lanyards together. Add a buckle at the end. For a more carefree look, use fabric lanyards and just them tie them to hold a skirt or pair of pants.


Why don’t you make these old neck lanyards as your official collection items and show them off to your friends and family? Place all your old lanyards into a glass shelf. You could place small information on where, when, and how you got hold of these lanyards to make it more interesting.

Neck Lanyards represent a fantastic value in the world of lanyards.

Important Features of Hybrid Clubs

Often, hybrid clubs are called utility clubs. Both professional and amateur golfers welcome them because of the game-improving features they offer. These clubs are among the most well-known innovations in golfing equipment. A hybrid club combines the features of irons and woods, and in general, it can substitute for 2-, 3-, 4-, or 5-iron in a golfer’s bag. And as some say, compared to irons, hybrids are more forgiving of swing errors. Here are some other features of these innovative clubs:

Wide Sole

The clubface of a hybrid has a sole that is as wide as that of a fairway wood. A lot of players are satisfied with fairway woods and choose to play with them than use bladed, thin long irons despite the effect on accuracy. A lot of golfers think that they need to swing hard when they use long irons, which could lead to a bad shot because it could mess up the timing of their swing. Well, with just a glance at the wide clubface of hybrid clubs, golfers get a boost in confidence.

Low Center of Gravity

Hybrid clubsA hybrid club’s center of gravity is toward the bottom and back of the club head. Golfers who have slower swing speeds would create a rounded swing, just as they would when using a fairway wood, sweeping the ball from the turf instead of having the need for a more precise and upright swing. Because of the lower center of gravity, the golf ball flies more easily. When hitting shots using hybrid clubs, players get a higher trajectory than when they use irons with the same degree of loft angle. Golf balls struck using a hybrid club are likely to go higher and hit the green more softly than those struck with 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-irons.

Flat, Hard Face

A hybrid clubface is flat, just like an iron, while a metal wood’s clubface has a little bulge or curve. Because a hybrid has a flat face, golfers would find it easier to strike the ball directly.

Like a fairway wood, the clubface of hybrid clubs is hard. This increases the possibility of achieving long distance shots, even when a golfer has a slow swing speed.


Hybrids and irons have a very similar shaft thickness, which is slightly wider than woods. In turn, the club would have less “twisting” at contact. Moreover, compared to shots hit with woods, hybrids have an improved accuracy.

Lighter and Shorter Length than Woods

Compared to a wood, a hybrid club is shorter in length, and compared to the iron it replaces, it typically has the same length or is a little longer. For instance, a traditional 5-wood is 42 inches, and the 2-iron, which is the iron it normally replaces, is usually 39 inches. A shorter shaft can also help boost the confidence of golfers since they sometimes find it hard to control the heavier, longer shafts of fairway woods.

Bottom Runners

Some hybrids are equipped with rails or bottom runners so it would be easier to sweep them along the turf and to slash through thick rough. Golfers who have a hard time powering an iron or a fairway wood through the rough will have an easier time if they’d use hybrid clubs.


Hybrid clubs allowed for the creation of a different, never-before-seen kind of shot-making. There are professionals on the PGA Tour who chip with their hybrids. The flat, wide sole of hybrids makes the horrendous “chili dip” almost impossible, and the thin loft angle makes the ball roll on the ground more quickly compared to when other clubs are used.

How to Find Motivational Speakers for your Event

If you want to make an event even more special then you need to consider getting motivational speakers to help you motivate the crowd. How do you choose the right person to speak to the crowd in of the events that you organized? This can be very challenging especially if you are looking for someone who has the knowledge and the experience on a particular area of expertise or industry.

You also need to determine the goal of your event. Are you looking to inspire, entertain, raise money, or simply to impart knowledge to the audience? These are just some of the things that you need to consider when contacting a motivational speaker.

Motivational speakerIf you are looking for a motivational speaker for one of you events then you need to make sure that you find the most qualified speaker that has the natural ability to set the tone of the event and to keep the crowd’s attention all throughout the day. You also need to remember that choosing the wrong person to speak in front of the crowd will give your audience the impression that the company or the organization does not know what they are doing.

Here are some basic tips that you need to follow if you want to look for professional a motivational speaker:

1.The best way to find a qualified speaker is asking for recommendations from other people that you know very well. However, you should also not hire the one that they recommend right on the spot. Always remembers that there are so many motivational speakers in the industry that you can choose from. Therefore, no matter how good the recommendation can be, you still need to look around for more options. You can have a list of candidates that piqued your interest and contact the one that meets your standards.

2.There are also companies who have professional motivational speakers. Most of these companies have their very own website or blog. You can check them and see whether they have something similar to what you have in mind.

3.Some motivational speakers also offer other services aside from their speaking and motivational presentation. You can also request if they can also include a video recording or a slideshow presentation as part of their promotional materials. In order to evaluate how good they are, you can watch some of their videos. That way, you can gauge their speaking skills and evaluate how they handle an event just like yours.

4.To know more about what the speaker can offer to the table, you can also attend an event or seminar that gives the same topic as yours. This is of course with the consent of the organizer. This will help you check out the motivational speaker that they have. This will also help you know the audience’s reactions towards the speaker. This will help you gauge the speaker’s ability to talk as well as how to build rapport with the crowd.

5.Price will also play a huge factor when choosing the right motivational speaker. Since they are providing their professional service while imparting their knowledge and experience on the field, most motivational speakers charge a considerable amount of money from their clients. Therefore, you need to analyze whether the person is worthy of how much you will be paying. His service fee should reflect his experience in public speaking as well as his knowledge about the topic that you will be presenting to the audience.

These are just some of the tips that you need to follow when hiring a motivational speaker. Remember that selecting the motivational speaker can either make or break your event. Nonetheless, having motivational speakers on any event can add to its legitimacy and level of professionalism.

13 Qualities to Look for in Web Content Writers

When looking for content writers to create your web content, it is not enough to just focus on their portfolio or academic background because their former clientele may be entirely different from the industry you belong to and the type of website you are running. No single quality defines great web content writers. Hence, check out if the writers you want to hire have these qualities.

1. They understand how SEO works.

Your ultimate goal is to rank higher, attract more visitors, and gain higher click-through rate for bigger profit. You can only achieve those goals if the writers know a lot about search engine optimization.

2. They can switch back and forth from being technical and creative.

Some web contents need pure technicality to work, like press releases and B2B marketing materials. On the other hand, creativity is also highly needed for a lot content types, like blogs, product reviews, and sales and advertising copies. They should be flexible enough to use both when demanded.

3.  They have strong command of the English language, its dialects, and other international variations.

Content writersStandard American English (SAE) is what Americans use, but you need to demand different variations depending on the geographic location of your market. African-American English (AAE), considered an English dialect, may be more useful if you are targeting this demographic.

4. They can follow strict specific requirements.

Some content writers are only good at their comfort zones. They can’t write efficiently once you give them instructions that they are unfamiliar with. What you need are writers who can write based on your requirements, not their specialties.

5. They can commit to deadlines.

It’s nice to hire content writers who have a lot of clients because the trust they get shows how good they are. The question is, can they beat all of their deadlines? It’s useless to have excellent writers who can’t deliver.

6. They know how to identify the most usable keywords.

They should know how to write based on actual keywords used by searchers in real time. Similarly, they should know how to use keyword research tools and analytics.

7. They are knowledgeable on the subject.

Why hire writers who can do good research if you can hire writers who already know a lot about a particular subject? Prioritize those who already know things about your field.

8. They hold accountability to their outputs.

Some quality writers are just too egoistic to accept that their work is being rejected. Rejection may happen for reasons other than quality problems. When that happens, make sure that your writers know how to own up to it.

9. They are resourceful when researching.

They don’t simply rely on the information they find; they analyze them and crunch the data when necessary. They also know the most credible sources online.

10. They are excellent proofreaders.

Not all good writers are good proofreaders. It’s better if you can hire content writers who somehow have experience in editing as well.

11. They are natural storytellers and presenters.

You don’t always get the chance to interview your candidates, but whenever there is a chance, pay attention to how they present and sell themselves. Who doesn’t sound natural may not look natural in writing as well.

12. They can keep it simple.

Writers love to impress with big words, big ideas, and more complex structuring. The only difference is that the pros know when exactly to do this.

13. They are amenable to compromising their style of writing.

Writers have their own styles that they are most comfortable with and excel at. However, those who are confident with their abilities should also be able to compromise without worries.

Materials, Tools and Equipment in PCB Assembly

The printed circuit board (PCB) is a fiberglass or reinforced glass plastic board with copper traces on one side. Electronic components complete the set up and it is what an assembly company refers to as printed circuit assembly (PCA) or PCB assembly (PCBA). Before starting assembly though, there are materials, tools, and equipment to prepare.

Pcb assemblyWhat are these materials, tools, and equipment? Each assembly company uses different tools and equipment to produce a specific electronic product. However, the materials, tools, and equipment listed below are generally found in any assembly team, regardless of whether they are using electro-mechanical or manual assembly.

Materials Essential in a PCB Assembly

•Printed Circuit Board

It is the most important material to prepare. Without it, the assembly process cannot proceed. Each PCB is designed and customized accordingly.

•Electronic Components

They give life to a PCB. There are two categories of electronic components: active and passive. Each PCBA is a combination of active components, passive parts, and integrated circuits. Even the simplest electrical device such as a flashlight has a PCB and other electronic components attached to it. They are the flat (usually black in color and are called integrated circuits by engineers), tube-like things attached to a green, blue, or orange flat board inside your electronic device.

•Solder paste

It is a tacky solution, usually gray in color, used to glue an electronic component on the surface of the PCB. It keeps the components in place while the PCB goes through the soldering equipment. Typically, the solder paste is used in an SMT (surface mount technology) PCB assembly. Solder paste has different compositions depending on purpose and type. It could be classified into three types: rosin based, water soluble, and no-clean. Rosin is an extract from a pine tree. Rosin-based solder paste usually needs cleaning after the assembly process. Water-soluble pastes are made from organic raw materials such as glycol. On the other hand, no-clean solder pastes are made from resin and require no cleaning process after assembly.

•Solder Stencil

It is a stainless plate with cutout patterns and is customized according to the product being assembled. Stencil is an integral part during assembly because it measures the right amount of solder paste to be deposited into the surface of the board (or the solder pads). It simplifies and fastens the assembly process. With proper stenciling, error decreases significantly.

Other materials include adhesive and cleaning products for packaging and cleaning (if necessary) of the finished product,

Tools Used During Assembly

•Soldering iron/Soldering Station

It is used to solder components to the PCB and is typically used in a manual assembly. In the SMT assembly method, a soldering iron is necessary during rework process and when the components are too small for a machine to place in the PCB surface. A soldering station is an upgraded version of a soldering iron. The tool has a stand and a controller that regulates temperature.


These simple tools are used to hold components. Direct contact with the electronic components is not advisable since humans have static energy that may render the components defective.

•Vacuum Pickup Tools

These tools are useful when picking up misaligned components.

Other tools may include pliers, shears, scissors, and cutters. These tools are essential in cutting excess wires and are mostly used during rework or manual assembly.

Equipment Needed in an SMT Assembly Process

•Pick-and-place machine

Typically used during the SMT process, a pick-and-place machine mounts components onto the surface of the PCB. It is a sophisticated machine that is part of an integrated system and is controlled by a computer.

•Reflow equipment

Reflow equipment could be a separate machine or could be integrated with a pick-and-place equipment. The equipment is used to solder components that are mounted on the PCB’s surface. It melts the solder paste that is deposited between the components and the PCB. It acts like a soldering iron except that it is used only in an electro-mechanical process (such as the SMT technology).

Every PCB assembly is unique and may require anything from simple tools to the most sophisticated machine. The above mentioned materials, tools, and equipment are merely a few examples but they are the most essential ones.

5 Kinds of Badge HoldersYou Need to Know

Badge holdersDid you ever take your time to consider the kinds of badge holders that you have and the ones that you should have? As simple as these may seem,holders are among the most important office and school accessories. With that, it should be easy to understand why knowing the different kinds of holders is important.

If you are currently looking for one that suits you, your company, your school, or your organization, then take note of the following:


Badge holders that are made of plastic are the most common ones. In this kind, you will find the generic standard clear plastic holder which you could consider as the cheapest of its kind. These holders don’t usually last long unless you take especially good care of them.

On the other hand, there are the hard plastic or rigid plastic variants which are more durable. These usually come in wider design assortments. Some have one or two slots with the size a thumb on them. There are also those with ejectors – these allow the users to easily remove the card from the holder.

There are rigid plastic holders that have clips or magnetic fasteners on their back so that you could easily wear and pin them on your shirt pocket, pants back pocket, or belt. Some are even clothing-friendly. These holders save you the trouble of choosing and purchasing fitting lanyards and badge reels. They also save you from the inconvenience of having something dangling on your neck.However, these holders are considerably more expensive.


Vinyl holders are common nowadays because they are good for long term use. If you consider the cost, they are more costly than the usual kinds of badge holders but in long run, you will save more because they are more durable. Like their hard plastic counterparts, vinyl holders come in different designs, sizes, and orientation. Selections may include ones that has built-in magnetic fasteners, clips and pins. There are also vinyl holders that are resealable and with flaps or zippers. These protect your cards and badges from moisture and dust, thus preserving their longevity.


These are eco-friendly badge holders. Needless to say, theirmaterials are different from those of the usual kinds of holders. These ecologically-sound accessories are either recyclable or compostable. Some are even biodegradable. These holders are best for organizations and companies that are advocate green policies. Earth-friendly holders are also available in different sizes and orientations but the designs and selections are not as varied as those of hard plastic and vinyl holders.


Also known as proximity card holder or RFID card holder, shielded holders are designed and made specifically for contactless smart cards. RFID and proximity cards have electronic components and magnetic chips embedded inside them, making them more sensitive than the usual PVC and plastic cards and badges. These kinds of cards and ID have information in them so it is important that they’re protected no matter what. Government-issued IDs are perfect example of these.

Shielded holders protect cards or badges from identity and information theft. This kind of holder is definitely more expensive than others but it’s definitely worth it.


If your job requires you to move around a lot, then arm badge holder is the best choice for you. This kind badge holder is made especially to avoid your cards or badges from getting in the way of your job.This kind of accessory hasan elastic or adjustable strap attached to its side that ensures a snug fit on the wearer’s arm.

These different kinds of badge holders are all available online. You can also order customized holders. You can order them with unique specifications – you could even have your logo imprinted on the face of the holder.

What are Trading Pins ?

LED PinsIn team sports, before 2 competing teams fight against each other, a team pin trading ceremony is conducted. In the said ceremony, the 2 competing teams trade pins with each other before they start playing against each other to show their sportsmanship. Sometimes, even before a big tournament starts all of the teams get together and trade badges with each other.

Up until now, trading pins are still used in different team sports such as baseball, basketball, football, softball, soccer, golf, swimming, hockey and tennis. The average size for a team trading pin is anywhere from 1-1/2″ to 2-1/2″ but of course, the larger the pin the more expensive and heavier it will be. Examples of trading pins are the baseball pins. These pins are usually used to create a bond with the all of the baseball fans.

The main purpose of these baseball pins is to be traded with other baseball fans. Most of the team shops sell a wide selection of baseball pins for fans to collect and trade with each other.  One of the advantages of these pins is that it boosts camaraderie among the players of the team and it also encourages a lifelong love of the game.

One of the year’s largest, longest and most exciting baseball Worldsameshot Series tournaments is hosted by Cooperstown NY. There are a hundred of teams that are participating in this event and a lot of players trade pins with other players during this tournament, as well as their fans. The average size of pin for Cooperstown is 2.00″ or a little smaller like 1.75”.

It is also recommended to use soft enamel pins and photo screen pins. Another exciting event in baseball is the ESPN Little League World Series baseball World Series tournament wherein the Williamsport, PA plays as the host of the event. Just like the Cooperstown NY, the average size for this pin is 2.00” to 1.75” and the recommended procedure is the soft enamel and photo screen. Another baseball event is the Slump Buster tournament put on by Triple Crown Sports.  It is one of the largest youth baseball tournaments and is hosted by Omaha, Nebraska every year. The usual size of the pin is 1.75” and uses the process of soft enamel or photo screen.

LED PinsIn buying the baseball pins, it is recommended to use the photo screen process for complex logos, photos and designs that incorporate gradients. Another process is called the heavy photo screen wherein it is used if you have a complex & detailed design. The usual size of the trading pin for baseball is 1.75”. Since these trading pins are made to be traded, it is better to have add more designs since it would be traded more than the ordinary one. One of the examples of the additional design is the pin on pin. It is a decoration wherein a pin is placed on top of another pin so that it looks like 3-D design. Another decoration is called the dangler pin wherein an extension is added to the base of the pin so that it hangs from one or more small loops or chains. The third decoration is called the bobble pin wherein it uses a spring instead of a chain and turns the dangler pin upside-down.

Another decoration is the flocking which has a fuzzy area while the graundlenticular pin contains two or more images that changes whenever it is tilted back and forth. The LED pin is a badge which that flashes when activated. While the slider pin contains a movable piece which slides across the base of a pin and the spinner pin moves a piece of the pin 360 degrees.

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